The customer is experience is vital in our business. We are a service business so without customers we can’t operate! We realised that we need to strengthen our systems to allow staff to engage with the customer experience more.

Ruth’s Front of House S.O.S. workshop come along at a time when we were really focusing on our FOH team! It really helped with strategies for training and engaging front line staff to deliver a better customer experience. There were lots of really simple tips that you could use straight away. I went away and made some immediate changes, especially to our advertising and I’ve used things that I have learnt in the workshop ever since!

I was thinking of sending our key managers to a Train the Trainer course however Ruth’s tips for conducting training were so simple and easy to use that I have ended up referring to these instead.  It takes effort but the rewards are so wonderful to see! Happier customers, happier staff and a great, fun atmosphere!

Kimberly Burns
People and Culture Manager, Sandhill Road Group



“I had the privilege of working with Ruth Langley for over 4 years as she led the learning and development program for our staff.

Ruth continually delivered results, went above and beyond in providing exceptional service and commitment to her work and showed genuine integrity and respect as a consultant to our business.

Ruth is enthusiastic, highly organised and a brilliant communicator. Her strengths in staying across issues and proactively offering ideas make her a valuable contributor to any situation or team.

Ruth is an absolute pleasure to work with, everyone loves working with her.”

Carly Cohen
Director, Maple Event Group



“Ruth is a great person to work with and has provided me and my Ops team with great training sessions that were very specific, clear and easy to understand.

Her knowledge and ability to train Ops staff made a big difference in our productivity and efficiency in providing a great level of service.

Ruth is always full of energy, puts in a lot of effort and creates a great atmosphere in her training sessions.

I certainly appreciate her help and would highly recommend Ruth Langley to any hospitality venue looking for a coach or trainer.”

Chintan Desai
Operations Manager, Fenix Events